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Winter Clothing Transition and Trends

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Winter Clothing Transition and Trends
By: Chelsie Debes

As the seasons change retail stores need to have new clothing to accompany the weather. Which means they have to order it from clothing manufacturers. Clothing manufacturers need to have the clothing ready before winter starts, meaning they have to make new attire before the season starts. To be able to have the clothing ready to be shipped out they need to start making clothing for winter as early as fall and maybe even summer.

Now with different weather approching, some clothing may be more popular in the winter than in the summer. In the summer of 2017, espadrilles, denim shorts, and wrap dresses were very popular. In the winter of 2017 boot, wide-legged pants and sweaters were more popular. It seems that retailers are way more interested in summer apparel than winter apparel though. Clothing retailers bought 20% more denim shorts, and linen went up 13%. While in the winter insulated material only raised 9%. It was discovered that consumers interests went up in these things more than the clothing companies did.

Some of the trendier items in 2017 were overcoats, fluffy “teddy bear jackets”, double denim, oversized knit sweaters, and many others. Many of these trends were displayed on the Vogue Runway. (

Now as winter comes we see the trends for 2018 starting to appear. Vogue once again shows the trends in a more dressed up way. The trends for the winter of 2018/19 are predicted to be layering, padded jackets, parkas, fake fur, fringe, sheepskin, knitwear, etc. Some of the 2017/18 winter trends have carried on to this winter, but also new trends have developed. As this winter begins we will see how the trends from the Vogue runway turn into a more casual street look. As the temperature drops expect to see some of these trendier clothing items.