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Keep it Old Fashion or Bring on the Machines, Written by Chelsie Debes

Keep it Old Fashion or Bring on the Machines
Written By: Chelsie Debes

When sewing a garment it’s important to consider what you will use to make the stitches. You also have to consider the sturdiness of the stitch that’s created and the appearance of it. The options of sewing are hand sewing or machine sewing. When creating a piece of clothing each option (hand sewing or machine sewing) will work but sometimes one option can be better than the other.
Hand Sewing: The advantage of hand sewing is putting in more precise details with the love and care of your hand and a small sewing needle. Hand sewing allows you to see each and every stitch. It allows you to see what you are doing in detail and know when you make a mistake right as it is happening. Thus, you should be able to fix it before finishing the stitch. At times, sewing by hand can make an item more durable. As we all know, the down side of hand stitching is the amount of time that it takes.
Machine Sewing: On the other hand machine sewing requires an initial investment in a sewing machine. However, if you lack free-time, machine sewing may be the way to go for you. Machine sewing, if done properly, can offer a very secure stitch because of the way it uses two threads at the same time. When using thicker fabrics, it is better to use the sewing machine- rather than stitching by hand. The disadvantages of using a sewing machine is the cost and potentially the machine is not as precise (for example, when sewing on a button, hand sewing might be the way to go). A starter sewing machine sells for approximately $100, while a higher quality one will cost about $200 or more. Sewing machines can also be more complicated than hand sewing, you have to learn how to thread the machine and use all of the different options on the machine.
Considering the options can be difficult; both hand sewing and machine sewing are enjoyable & work well if you are familiar with both. At the end of the day, it depends on if you are willing to put in the time to hand sew or if you are willing to investment in a machine sewing.