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Essential Clothing Pieces for a Women’s Closet

Essential Clothing Pieces for a Women’s Closet
By: Chelsie Debes (Intern, Ciao Bella Sewing)

Here is a list of things that are necessities for your closet. These items can be paired together for a casual outfit or a night out with friends. Basically we have provided you with ten items that you can use to mix and match for any occasion.

1. A pair of good fitting jeans:
Jeans are a simple piece of apperal that can either dress up an outfit or make an outfit more casual. Wearing a pair of tight fitting jeans could make your outfit more casual or more formal (depending on what top you pair your jeans with). If you pair your jeans with a plain t-shirt and some sneakers, you will have a casual outfit. If you pair your jeans with a nice blouse, some accessories and a cute pair of heels you will have a more formal outfit. Either way, jeans are staples in our wardrobe.

2. A variety of simple t-shirts:
When you are lounging at home or going for a quick coffee run you need a simple and comfortable t-shirt that you can easily throw on. A simple t-shirt can go with almost any bottoms and be worn for multiple purposes.

3. LBD:
Of course, you have to have a little black dress. A black dress can be worn pretty much anywhere. If you put on a scarf and a jacket you have a cute winter look, or if you accessorize with a necklace and some long hanging earrings and heals you have a fancier outfit. Either way, you can’t go wrong with a classic LBD.

4. Sneakers:
Whether you are working out or just going on a quick trip to the store, you can put on a pair of sneakers and feel comfortable but still cute. Plus, sneakers are all the rage these days!

5. A Stylish Bag:
This isn’t a clothing piece but it is necessary. Nobody wants to carry around all of their stuff in their hands, it’s not practical. So having a cute bag to put your stuff in to is always a good thing to have. Not only is it helpful but it can also add a pop of color to an outfit.

6. A Statment Necklace:
This doesn’t have to be an expensive diamond necklace or something made of silver or gold. These can be found at most clothing stores in the accessory section for no more than $15. A statement necklace can dress up almost any outfit as soon as you put it on.

7. Leggings:
Leggings are an essential clothing item because they are so versatile. There are athletic leggings that can be worn to workout in or just to pair with a sporty shirt. There are also leggings that are more stylish that are worn under skirts as tights in the winter or with a long sweater. They are the next most comfortable thing to sweatpants.

8. A Blouse:
A blouse can be paired with jeans to dress up any outfit. Having a blouse is such an easy way to look fancy without having to put on a dress or a skirt. To finish off the look nicely, just add in a cute pair of heels and jewelry.

9. Blazer:
Every wardrobe needs a solid blazer or light weight jacket. Blazers are great for going out. They help dress up an outfit and can add some style and color to your look.

10. Scarf:
If you travel you know a good scarf is key to your collection! Scarfs are versatile and trendy! Everyone needs a go-to scarf.

There are so many different pieces of clothing that are usually in one’s closet but these are the most typical and useful pieces to style all different looks together.