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DIY: Easter Bag, Written by Taylor

Bunny Bag with Books

I absolutely LOVE to make projects and gifts for my family and friends. I especially LOVE sewing holiday themed projects and gifts. Below you will find step-by-step instructions for how to make your very own DIY Easter Bag! Don’t worry, this bag is great for new and advanced sewers. Feel free to modify the design as you go. *If you don’t have an embroidery machine, simply skip step three.  Now, let’s get sewing!

– 1 Yard of fabric for the outside of the bag (I picked white fabric for the outside)
– 1 Yard of fabric for the inside of the bag (I picked blue fabric for the inside)
– 1 Sheet of felt (I picked blue felt with white polka-dots)
– 1 Bunny outline (I printed one from Google)
– 1 Pom-Pom
– Thread
– Sewing Machine
– Embroidery Machine *optional, if you don’t have one, simply skip step three

Step 1:
Cut the outside fabric and inside fabric by 17 inches X 17 inches. Use the left over fabric for your straps. Straps should be 4 inches X 18 inches. You will need two straps. 

Step 2:
Trace your bunny onto the felt using a sharpie or other marker. Cut out the felt bunny.

Step 3 (if you have an embroidery machine):
Take your outside fabric and embroider the name of your liking onto the fabric. I used a Singer Superb Embroidery Machine, however any embroidery machine will work. Use any color embroidery thread that you like.

Step 4:

Take your outside fabric, with or without the name embroidered on and pin the bunny below the name. Use a zig-zag stitch and sew the bunny onto one layer of the outside fabric.

Step 5:
Hand sew the pom-pom onto the bunny.

Step 6:
With right sides together, sew three of the four sides of the outside fabric (the outside fabric will have the bunny and/or name on it). Then, with right sides together, sew three of the four sides of the fabric that you are using for the inside.

Step 7:
Flip the outside fabric right side out. Then, place the outside fabric into the inside fabric. *Make sure you have the right sides together. Insert the straps. Pin and sew. Make sure to leave a small hole, approximately 4 inches. You will use this hole to flip the bag right side out.

Step 8:
Once the bag is flipped right sides out, sew the small hole closed.

Step 9:
Top stitch around the entire bag. This always add a nice finishing touch.

Step 10:
Enjoy this adorable bag and give it to someone special for Easter!