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Community Center Classes

Basic Sewing

Sewing is an essential lifelong skill! If you’re learning how to sew or just brushing up on an old skill, basic sewing is the course for you. You’ll learn basic stitch techniques by hand. The instructor will guide you as you hand sew your own projects. Students should provide their own sewing materials including thread, sewing needles, fabric and other specialty materials.
Skill Level: Any

Fashion Design & Construction

Do you have a passion for fashion? Learn the traditional style of fashion design and construction. This course will provide students with the basic techniques of learning how to draw fashion croquis following the nine head formula. Students will learn basic garment construction skills: this includes learning how to read and construct garment patterns. Students should bring their own sketchbook, writing utensils, and other specialty art materials to class.
Skill Level: Any

Adult Sewing

Dive into the world of sewing! During this three week workshop, students will maketheir very own reversible tote bag and one more project of their choosing.Students will learn the basics of the sewing machine and gain a betterunderstanding of patterns. We will cover various sewing techniques throughoutthe course. Sewing supplies, including sewing machines, fabric, thread,needles, and pins, will be provided. Students may choose to purchase additional specialty items on their own. *New and returning students welcome!
Skill Level: Any