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A Glimpse at the Ciao Bella Sewing Studio

Sewing Studio

A Glimpse at the Ciao Bella Sewing Studio and Classes
Written By: Chelsie Debes, Ciao Bella Sewing Intern

As soon as you walk into the Ciao Bella Sewing studio creativity starts flowing. From the cute decor to the individual sewing stations, there are so many projects waiting to be created. In each class, the students are brought in with a warm welcome from Taylor or another sewing instructor and encouraged to meet the other students with a short introduction of their name and something interesting about themself. It’s easy to notice when a student doesn’t know anyone else at the beginning of the class, but by the end, they are all talking and encouraging each other on the project they are working on. This class truly provides a comforting place for girls and boys who are interested in learning how to sew and furthering their sewing skills.

Each class there is a different project to work on. One of the more popular project among the classes are the PJ pants. Of course, there are more than just those though, there are many projects varying each month to accompany the upcoming holidays and seasons. As it is fall right now some projects that were being made for Thanksgiving are the Thanksgiving banners, the quilted pillows (some with a cute turkey sewed on), Thanksgiving skirts and the Thanksgiving aprons. These projects are all fun and encourage the Holiday spirit. Now, as fall comes to an end and winter begins, the projects in class will be slightly different but just as fun. In winter classes some projects that will be made are scarfs and ear warmers, fleece tie-blankets (holiday gift), makeup cases (holiday gift), holiday skirts, holiday stockings, and many more.

As the class comes to a finish, there will always be at least one of the students asking if they can stay a little bit longer to do one more project, or saying how they are going to ask their parents to sign them up for another class. Whether it is at the Winnetka sewin studio or any other place classes are offered, all of the kids that come in express their interest in coming back.