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About Us

Ciao Bella Sewing is a unique and educational experience for students, that has 2 focuses: teaching various sewing classes at local park districts, community centers and schools and running a variety of workshops and summer camps at the Ciao Bella Sewing Studio. We strive to maximize our presence in the community.

Ciao Bella Sewing is known for providing the community with sewing and fashion design classes for children and adults. As a company, we are most proud of the fact that we support the arts! In a day and age where so much focus is on STEM programming, it is wonderful to have a creative outlet for children and adults!

We are large supporter of the arts in the community. We are unique and different because we are bringing back a lost past time. Ciao Bella Sewing came to the north shore after discovering there was a need for teaching students how to sew.

After popularity grew, she determined there was a need and desire to expand the lost past time of sewing. Shortly after teaching at local park districts and community centers, Taylor opened the Ciao Bella Sewing Studio in Winnetka and started to expand class offerings, while continuing to teach at local Park Districts and community centers. Ciao Bella Sewing continues to be a presences in the Community and continues to be a creative outlet for children and adults.

It is our goal to encourage you and inspire you to be creative and original.
Taylor Ioannou
Taylor Ioannou - Dottie